We Dance Alone


A Very We Dance Alone Synthmas Volume 3: Last Christmas

by Praisin' Baby Jesus & Mystic Hands

We Dance Alone Vol. 36

Download size: 88.4MB

The great Frank Herbert, the first person who came up when we Googled ‘quotes about things ending’, wrote, “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” Well, dear listeners, as the year draws to a close so does the We Dance Alone story.

Why? you ask. Well, Andy is busy on his spoken word tour, “Aural Pleasures” and Mike just needs more time to sculpt his hair so we’re picking up our bindle sacks and heading off into the sunset. Fear not, though, as we have left you with our finest Xmas mix to date. It’s a love letter to you all for joining us and supporting the journey.

*Sound of car driving off into distance while Alan Alda sings that Journey song, then fade to black leaving the audience unsure of whether or not Urkle died*

P.S. We’re leaving the site live so y’all can enjoy the archive.

Rest in peace.


Mike & Andy


  • Intro - Praisin' Baby Jesus
  • Outstanding - The Gap Band
  • Into The Fog - The Budos Band
  • Do It - Tuxedo
  • Come On Back This Way - Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders
  • Freefalling - Midnight Juggernaughts
  • The Party Line - Belle & Sebastian
  • Ain't That Lovin' You Baby - Link Wray
  • I Keep Forgettin (Every Time You're Near) - Michael McDonald
  • A Brain In A Bottle - Thom Yorke
  • Ain't No Danger - Clifford Curry
  • On A Desert Isle - C.W. Stoneking
  • Temptation (7" Edition) - New Order

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