We Dance Alone


Check My Machine

by Praisin' Baby Jesus

We Dance Alone Vol. 30

Download size: 85MB

Fair warning to those who let Alan Rickman into their heart as he will bloody well take your lungs and kidneys when you’re not looking. This mix will make you want to grab anyone that looks like Hans Gruber and throw them off the nearest skyscraper. It’s like taking a cold shower next to Bruce Willis. Weird, wet, and also cold. Do it.


  • Preludes + Rooftops - Warlord
  • Let's Go Trippin' - The Lively Ones
  • Check My Machine - Paul McCartney & The Alan Rickman Experience
  • Jolene 33 - Dolly Parton
  • 1am (slow release) - Friendships
  • 8pt Agenda - Latyrx
  • Small Window - Luluc
  • Rock Crazy Baby - Art Adams
  • Talk shit - Volcanoes
  • Don't Let Me Down (isolated vocal track) - The Beatles
  • Katayanagi Twins vs. Sex Bob-Omb My Threshold - Cornelius & Beck
  • Way out there Live 1963 - Pete Seeger
  • Prizewinning - Julianna Barwick

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