We Dance Alone


Swedish Folk Songs

by Erik Jansson

We Dance Alone Vol. 23

Download size: 68.4MB

When he is not playing lead keytar for this man, plying his finger magic in this country, that country, and possibly this exotic city as well, my main man Erik Jansson retreats to his private sauna in the wilds of Sweden, and spends some quality time teaching his young family how to grow their own beards.

I asked him “Provide me with the sound of your Sweden, I want to hear the bjøorns flowing through the mistleflooøods, as you say in your beautiful language which no-one understands”

Erik then replied gruffly, and manly through his ever growing beard “VA? I have moose to shackle and my lingonberry goats need cleaning. I have no time for your southern hemisphere folly, where the sun doth shine and the water is fluid and not solid” 

I promised him my first born goat of the new year and he eventually agreed, trudging off into the snowy wastelands, to find his Macbook Pro, which the government gave him as he lives in a socialist utopia and everyone has these things in Sweden.

And he delivered unto me: Swedish Folk Songs. Enjoy.


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