We Dance Alone


The Midnight Riders

by Old Hands

We Dance Alone Vol. 21

Download size: 44.9MB

Old Hands returns to bring us a series of tales about being on the run. Think of it as a how-to manual on getting gone and staying git…and then a description of inevitably getting caught.

But before you get caught, you’re that person squinting into the distance, a lone ranger, a love rustler, a pirate of love, a seventh son of a seventh son (thank you Dave Graney), you’re Johnny Depp & Antonio Banderas’s love child, you are a squinting, broody, misunderstood motherfucker with a heart of gold covered by a thin film of hard knocks just waiting for a plucky young kid to show you the value of true friendship and to wipe away the filth from your soul. Oh… and this mix is playing in the background. Enjoy.


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